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Outlined below are our organisational objectives.

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Objectives of Southern Highlands Association of Women

  • To provide a non-profit holistic wellbeing service for vulnerable women in the Southern Highlands with a special focus on women’s health, homelessness and family and domestic violence, which is managed by women, within a feminist framework.
  • To prioritise access for vulnerable women who are disadvantaged, living in poverty, marginalised or facing adversity by providing a broad range of supports and services at minimal cost, or for no cost, to ensure women face minimal barriers in receiving support.
  • To research the needs of vulnerable women who are experiencing adversity or disadvantage in the Southern Highlands community and ensure that services are meeting the needs of local women, which encompass women’s life span, experience and cross a broad range of health and wellbeing issues.
  • To network, liaise and collaborate with other local service providers to provide necessary services to vulnerable women in the community
  • To facilitate access to the services activities and to assist vulnerable women to access other appropriate services (acknowledging and addressing the different needs of women of diverse backgrounds and the barriers they may face)
  • To uphold the rights of women who may use the service to express themselves freely, to be treated with respect, dignity and consideration
  • To ensure the creation and maintenance of a safe, healthy and supportive environment for the well-being of staff, management and women who use the service
  • To actively encourage the empowerment of women in both the personal and social aspects of their lives by promoting informed decision making processes
  • To provide a range of services which reflect the holistic nature of Women’s Health
  • To ensure effective community management and operation of the Women’s Wellbeing Centre by and for women
  • To encourage training and staff development of Centre staff in all areas of Women’s Health to ensure the highest standard of health care to consumers

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